After weeks of speculation and lost documents, NASAis long -awaited EM Travel paper has finally been peer reviewed and released. Hello @Elikem, should you did examine this write-up totally, you ought to have realized that I didn't declare all Nigerians are poor, needless to say I can not say such because I'm also a NIGERIAN, happy Nigerian, therefore I notice no reason to castigate my own training for QA tester country people. But, I published visitors, particularly ladies who sometimes fall prey to terrible Nigerian guys offshore to be helped by this...not necessarily saying that most Nigerian guys are terrible needless to say I'm a good Nigerian.

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Pleased to know that you genuinely have interest in Nigeria ngozikanwiro @ g-mail dotcom. Of course if you'll need more guidance, I will supply one for free... if he lives in Nigeria...and you have lost all his connections, only let me realize...of course if you need it to be a personal talk, kindly message me.