They said that they could direct me to a different sign technician who would restore the automobile and they would simply include $400.00 of the repairs. Good luck, with so many others having troubles, make certain the dealership is aware of this issue and make it is covered by them! And they both understand it seems like that neither address the cost for these difficulties and of them may stepup and that you'll find problems with this particular CVT Transmission. This can be a large failure not a situation that is specific or caution which can be as a result of transmission process design. In my opinion that the the transmission layout is excellent, but the safety aspect is could possibly be minor.

Yep, the thing isnot merely with 04 and April Muranos... all they even to this day still have the transfer-case design flaw that is same. Named the support department and was advised to remove the air cleanser cover and design resume cv and cover expose the air alarm while in the intake tube. It's one thing to truly have a learn challenge using a design, it is another to profit at the customer's price from the design difficulty.

They said they could simply address $400.00 of the fixes and that they may direct me to a different indication mechanic who'd fix the vehicle. Good luck, with a great number of others having issues, make sure the vendor understands this issue and make sure they are include it! And that they both understand that you can find problems with this specific CVT Transmission plus it sounds like that neither of them can step-up and cover the fee for these difficulties. This can be a large failure not really a case that is special or warning which will be due to transmission system design. I believe a the transmission style is great, but the safety issue is could possibly be limited.